The current situation makes it very difficult to find a job, it does not matter if you have a university degree, a lot of experience, or speak several languages. It is a fact that the labor market hardly grows, and the little work that is offered is temporary and poorly paid. The situation is bad in all of Spain, but especially in the south. This situation forces many unemployed people to apply for loans for the unemployed.

Cities of Andalusia, with Cádiz and Málaga at the top, are among those with the highest unemployment rate in the peninsula. As in the islands such as Tenerife, where employment is closely linked to the season and tourist occupation. Aid for long-term unemployed, such as the purpose plan of the Yuneam, does not provide enough money to maintain a home or a family when the unemployment situation is long-term. For this reason, it is essential to have a medium and long-term financial solution that can complement the unemployment benefit or other type of subsidy or aid.

And the best thing is to look for loans for the unemployed, that can give us already a mattress of money. In case something unexpected happens or we need to resume our studies to find a job. In the credit market there are many companies that offer loans to the unemployed, both for young people and for long-term unemployed. Many of these loan companies are concentrated in Madrid, but their scope of action is throughout Spain. So no matter where you live, you can choose one of the hundreds of unemployed loans that are marketed in Spain.

The best credits for unemployed

The best credits for unemployed

If you have decided to seek financial help to have a cushion of money and thus be able to deal better with your unemployment situation, the most advisable thing is to look for quick loans for the unemployed. That is to say those that do not make you wait weeks to know if you have achieved it or not.

Within the offer of credits for unemployed you have many to choose from, so be careful and compare to find the best possible conditions. Remember that it will always be easier to apply for financing if you can prove some type of income, even if it is punctual. Whatever its origin, the important thing is to be able to justify it in some way. But if you want to get the best credits for the unemployed, the best option is to have some kind of financial help, such as the purpose plan, the Yuneam, the autonomic, or any other.

No matter how small the amount of money you charge each month, the important thing is to be able to justify to the private lender that you have the ability to pay back the money of the credit plus the interest and expenses. If you are a long-term unemployed or have no unemployment benefit or subsidy, you will surely have to find a guarantor to answer for you in case you can not afford the payment of the monthly installments.

The fact is that both entities specializing in loans for the unemployed and financial institutions such as creditend, will ask for some type of income, guarantee, or mortgage on your home. Everything will depend on the amount you ask, it is not the same a credit of 500 euros that one of 50000 euros, so the guarantee they ask you will be proportional to the amount of loan you request, to your financial situation, if you are a long-term unemployed duration, you are with financial credit institutions, etc. Anyway, do not worry because in Credtext we have hundreds of personal loans for the unemployed, so you will surely find the one that best suits your situation and specific needs.

Loans for unemployed with financial credit institutions

Loans for unemployed with financial credit institutions

This is a difficult case but not impossible. Remember that any credit company wants to know that you will be able to return the money as well as to pay the interest and expenses generated in the financing. So the loans for unemployed with financial credit institutions is a type of high risk operation. First, because as you already know, being with financial credit institutions means that you have had a default, and depending on the amount and if it is from another loan, you may close your doors to any type of financing.

And the second because it is not the same to be a unemployed person who receives a benefit, help or subsidy for unemployment, which implies the collection of a fixed monthly amount, even if it is small, than a unemployed person without any type of income at the end of the month. It is much easier to get loans charging unemployment or similar assistance, than for unemployed with financial credit institutions. Since as we told you to be in a file of defaults and defaulters gives indications that you still do not meet the payment of the debt. So if you want to get some of the loans for the unemployed that we offer in our comparator.

We advise you to do everything you can to get out of financial credit institutions first of all. So you can quickly access any of the financing options available for the unemployed group.

Microcredit for the unemployed

Microcredit for the unemployed

Within the possibilities of financing that exist for the unemployed, microcredits are undoubtedly the best solution. The main difference with loans or quick loans for the unemployed is that their amount is so small, usually less than 300 euros, that they are very easy to obtain. It does not matter if you are unemployed without any help, or if you are a long-term unemployed person. Getting a microcredit is possible, even without payroll and with asf.

Keep in mind that being very small amounts of money, usually 150 euros, the risk assumed by the financial company is very small. So with 1000 or 2000 euros can give microcredits to many people. And given that the interests are very high, the company will be able to compensate the high number of defaults that it will have, both among the unemployed and among other types of collectives, with the collection of interest. So in global terms, the financial company can recover the money borrowed in all the microloans and also make money.

Search now in our loan comparison for unemployed the best microcredits to have a mattress of money!

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