Times are hard. Several credits in progress can dry up a daily budget to the point of quickly falling into a debt over which it is difficult to see the end. After doing their utmost to reduce their expenses and recover some modest amounts here and there, some taxpayers do not know what to do. Over-indebtedness is an infernal circle that has a real influence on daily life and morale. Fortunately, solutions exist to get by.

Credit redemption or real estate renegotiation

A mortgage at a dementia rate or multiple loans can seriously threaten your portfolio. When we commit to repaying a loan, it is impossible to predict with certainty what tomorrow will be done. A separation, unforeseen expenses, a fall in the standard of living … Several situations can drag you into the spiral of over-indebtedness.
If miracles do not exist on the wallet side, many organizations offer solutions to reduce a mortgage rate or buy several credits and reduce monthly payments.
A few hundred euros saved are sometimes enough to gradually get out of over-indebtedness.

Renegotiating real estate loans can be an interesting option, especially if you make sure that your monthly payments will go down and that the ancillary costs will not be higher. Before branching out to a new home loan, do not hesitate to simulate it and compare offers online through the Bobbsey comparator Twins.fr.

The repurchase of credit consists in the subscription of a single rate loan which includes your various credits in progress. The rate is often higher but the duration is lengthened, which can significantly reduce your monthly payments.

What is the pawnshop?

The pawnbroker or object loan is a form of bank loan financed by the various French municipal credit unions . If you find yourself in debt distress, you can deposit one or more valuables and receive a loan in exchange. Of course, the value of this item will determine the loan amount. This simple solution is without constraints, since only the value of your assets to be confided will be studied.
Little more? This pawnshop is granted to you in a very short time, after estimation of the object on the auction market.

Last resort ? Enter the debt distress commission of the Banque de France

By setting up a file with the over -indebtedness commission , you have the opportunity to get out of this situation. If the decision is positive, you will no longer be subject to prosecution by your creditors and the commission will try to negotiate different remedies with different organizations that you can not pay or pay back.
This solution of last resort must be considered fairly quickly if the others are not conclusive and if your debts threaten to increase.

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